Sunday, November 24, 2019

Systems Implementation essays

Systems Implementation essays Big Wheel Auto Insurance Company provides auto insurance coverage for licensed drivers in the state of Indiana. The companys headquarter is located in the city of Speedway where it has two strategic business units located at the cities of Waterloo and Corydon. In all, BWAIC employs approximately 150 people with internal departments consisting of the Policy, Claims, Payroll, Personnel, and Insurance Agents. Currently, BWAIC insures 50,000 policyholders statewide. Last year, BWAICs net profit was $875,000. With certain state regulations, along with related socioeconomic impacts, the company expects an increase of new policies to underwrite. Accordingly, BWAIC is interested in positioning itself in the market where: 1) Internal exchange of information is efficient, 2) It improves its Customer Service, 3) Share information with external business contacts. To stimulate a vision within the company of leading the market in customer service through an efficient information system and to utilize the most current technologies at lowest possible cost. Internal: An improved information process where business applications provide intelligent solutions, secured data, and improved communication exchange between units and offices. External: To provide an advantage over the market where the interactions between the company and its external business environment produces customer satisfaction. Accordingly, this will have a positive impact on customer service where efficiency on the point of contact, through the lifetime of the policy, is evident. Currently, BWAICs network setup doesnt provide an efficient exchange of information between its key departments. Each department utilizes their own business transaction system within a mainframe environment. This input-output process performs the processing of their business transactions. The departments: Policy, Claims, Personnel, Payroll, Legal and Insurance...

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