Monday, February 10, 2020

Sport Economic Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Sport Economic Analysis Paper - Essay Example The Phoenix Suns is a team that has recently not been doing well. They have shown a turnaround this summer in the Summer League, but that is not a sure prediction of a turnaround during the regular season. With a new head coach and general manager both in their first year in those positions, the future of this year for the organization is predicted to be a team building year. The spending on salaries for team members is one of the ways in which a team can be predicted for success. The following analysis will look at the nature of team salaries and how they are predictive of success in relationship to the current position of the Phoenix Suns. Background: A New Head Coach and General Manager The Phoenix Suns have found a new coach in order to support their success, but they did not look too far from their own history. Jeff Hornacek was a second round draft pick for the Phoenix Suns in 1986, but now at the age of 50 has been hired as a first time head coach. The Suns are currently in tr ouble as they have not been showing much in the way of talent on the playing floor. The Suns have not been in this much trouble since well before most of the players were born, having really bad seasons in 1994 and even further back, making this during the time when Hornacek was playing. When Hornacek was in his third season as a combo guard, the team averaged about 36 wins in five seasons previous. However, Cotton Fitzsimmons, a veteran coach at the time, took over and flipped the franchise overnight so that he managed to gain 55 wins in his first season as coach. As a part of that history, Hornacek is one of the more popular players in the history of the organization. There is an expectation that Hornacek will pull a similar miracle to the one performed by Fitzsimmons in his freshman year as coach. Caplan (2013) writes that â€Å"The Suns haven't finished above .500 since 2010, when they went to the Western Conference finals. They bottomed out last season -- the first of the post -Steve Nash era -- at 25-57†. Ryan McDonough, age 33, is the first year general manager of the team. The team of Hornacek and McDonough form an unseasoned pair to lead the team towards better outcomes, but there have been some signs that there is already improvement. The Suns came close to winning the Summer League Championship. McDonough was instrumental in bringing in Eric Bledsoe and Carin Butler who both provide the potential for upping the quality of the play for the team. McDonough spoke out about how he views his position for this first year. He told Caplan (2013) that â€Å""The expectations are, for me, just to establish a culture of work, to get better every day†¦I'm not going to measure our success this year in terms of wins and losses, just in terms of: Are we making progress? Are the guys buying in? Are they playing hard and playing the right way? That's what I'm looking for." In rebuilding this team the idea is to be steady and strong, building what they ne ed and looking for the advantages and weaknesses so that they can work with them to build real teamwork. An example of an obstacle for Hornacek is Kendall Marshall who is described by Caplan (2013) as â€Å"the slow-footed point guard who was routinely outplayed in Vegas by the lanky and athletic Goodwin†. Wu (2013) writes that Marshall is consistently attached to any trades that the team considers as they want to move

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