Wednesday, May 6, 2020

How Marriage And Family Concepts Relationship Between...

I am going to talk about how marriage and family concepts or relationship in Hinduism and Christianity are influenced by Laws of Manu and Writings of Martin Luther. Martin Luther, a German monk, priest and theologian, is a great reformer in western church history. He focused his study on the necessity for salvation and stated that the rightness of God is the strong faith believers have. His writings hold against the corruption of Catholicism and at the meantime, describe his perspective in the Radical Reformation. The masterpiece called the church to concentrate on the teachings of Bible itself. Law of Manu, complied between 200-400C.E., gives particular descriptions and prescriptions of dharma. It includes the caste system in Hinduism, the four stages of life, the status of women in the society and so on. Because Law of Manu is one of the most important texts of all legal codes in Hinduism, every Brahman has the obligation to read it at least once in his or her lifetime. Instead of ordering readers to do things, Law of Manu serves as a simple instruction by offering possible actions to certain problems and their consequences. Speaking of family and marriage, Law of Manu addresses the duties of husband and wife, the details of a marriage ceremony and the benefits when a proper marriage is conducted. As in Writings of Martin Luther, Luther stresses that marriage and family should be treated with respect and honor in the church and society which was against the common view

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