Thursday, December 12, 2019

Competency Statement II free essay sample

As a preschool teacher I support my children’s physical development by playing an indoor game such as leap frog. Where my children stand in a line and the first person in the line ducks down on the knees like a dog and the second child in line leaps over like a frog. The children continue to do this until the first who gets to the finish line. The children enjoy this physical activity very much. This activity is perfect when the weather outside is not so good. When the entire class is playing together and making a good team, is when I know that this activity is a keeper. When the weather is good and sunny outside I love the game tag! This physical activity absolutely promotes energy and gives the children a reason to run with laughter and excitement. Another physical activity that I would support in my preschool classroom is Simon says. We will write a custom essay sample on Competency Statement II or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This activity appeals to them very well. The children get very serious when the play Simon says. And when I don’t say Simon says they actually were listening. They enjoy this game/activity because we are all learning the importance of language and respect. This matter also deals with socialization. When I explain to them that if I don’t say â€Å"Simon says† then you have to sit down, this game gets very challenging for them. â€Å"Duck, duck GOOSE! † is actually one of my children’s favorite game to play when we are indoors. This game gives them so much energy and excitement that it just fills the entire classroom with that happy energy. I even sit down and participate and play along with them. Whenever I play this game with them, I always have a big smile on my face. Intellectual As a preschool teacher I support my children’s intellect by giving him/her a boost in mathematical and scientific development with an easy measuring experiment. I would ask my child to pick a few different objects that are different sizes and weights, for example a toy car or some crayons. I would ask him/her which ones he/she thinks will weigh the most and the least. I would go in and weigh the objects to compare the different numbers that represent each one. Then, I would have him/her compare the numbers. This activity usually gives them a sense of what knowledge really is and why we are here learning every day. Another great activity I enjoy supporting my children’s intellectual skills is helping that child create a pictorial schedule. A pictorial schedule is a collage-like picture schedule that allows the child to cut out pictures from a magazine and paste them depending on what he/she did all day yesterday. I can even have him/her cut out photos or drawings of things that he/she does at different times of the day for example eating breakfast, going to preschool, having lunch, playtime, eating dinner and going to bed. I would also help them to paste the pictures in order on their own daily time-line.

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